2Tour de Cure Smithfield, VA 63 miles
Weight 240.3

Got up at 4AM. Left house by 530AM. Ran into GPS problem. Didn’t know which GPS to use. Wound up re-entering the Portsmouth Tunnel…but…the Berkely Bridge was going up. 10 minute delay. By the time I got to the sight it was 7AM. Only time to check in….pick up packet and get dressed. Was able to get to the start…take pics…and listened to the National Anthem. Conditions were a bit breezy and chilly. The rest stops were awesome. Nice snacks. Even had a Subway sandwich at last stop. Last 10 miles was very challenging. I really wanted to quit. Kept wondering why am I out here…not having fun…having a hard time riding. I wound up just focusing on Mike Rogers and his buddy…Dinah…who was an awesome pacer given she had to weigh 250 pounds on a 5’5″ frame. She was badass!!! By the time I got to the finish line I was spent…totally tired. Slept real good. Woke up with no pain…or soreness anywhere. That’s when I realized I am at a great level of fitness. All the additional virtual riding paid off. I am totally grateful Lord for the blessing to be an endurance athlete. Thank you Lord.


1. Everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. Learn to appreciate every single day of your life. Live in the here and now. No regrets.

2. Today’s sacrifices will payoff tomorrow. Use your time wisely and to the fullest. It’s not the objectives, it’s the journey that counts.

3. Life is unfair, accept it. Nothing is owed to you. Don’t waste your time complaining. Be persist and determined.

4. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. We only hurt ourselves. Abraham Lincoln said, “you can tell the greatness of a person by what makes them angry.” Don’t over-react.

5. Face your fears, be yourself, and follow your dream. Be ready to fail. You only live once, don’t worry about the opinions of others. The opinions of 90% of people is irrelevant. Grow with the help of the remaining 10%. Live your life. Face your fears, don’t let them consume you.


Doreen Ketchens

this is what mastery of excellence sounds like


Parenting in today’s world is like trying to navigate through a landmine of challenges. Kids are dealing with a lot in today’s society, like added pressures at school, cyberbullying, and social media. While many things have changed since the Andy Griffith show, wanting to raise children, you are respectful and value hard work has not. This classic clip shares an important message about how not to create a spoiled child.

The clip starts with the two boys hanging out together, and Opie is admiring Arnold’s new bike. Opie assumes that Arnold has been working for a long time to save up for such a nice bike. Arnold responds with, “Kids aren’t supposed to work for their allowance.” Opie quips back that since his father is so busy, it’s possible he hasn’t heard about this yet! Arnold gives Opie an impromptu tantrum-throwing lesson before the boys part ways.

Later, a deputy chastises Arnold for riding his bike on the sidewalk. As soon as the policeman turns his back, Arnold hops right back up on the sidewalk! This time he nearly runs over Opie’s dad, the other policeman’s boss! Afterward, Opie is in his father’s office, trying to explain how he shouldn’t have to work for his allowance. His father laughs and tells him that is not how things work. Opie throws himself on the floor in a wild fit, but his father ignores him, except for telling him not to get his clothes dirty.

Suddenly, Arnold and his father enter the office. Arnold’s dad is upset that they impounded his son’s bicycle. Arnold does his best tantrum-throwing, but his dad realizes that there is a problem when Arnold is willing to let his dad sit in jail, solely so he can get his bike back! Arnold’s father teaches his son a lesson and sells the bicycle. Opie realizes that this is no way to behave and asks his dad if he has additional work he can do. He says that he wants to save up for a bell and then save up for a bike to put under it.


Bruce lived in our neighborhood in Seattle when he first came to America. His legacy still continues to thrive in working out the mind, soul and body to live the best version of one’s self.