Took her first witnessed dump after her first night sleeping in the crate

My trainer suggests a tip when potty training this puppy. Every 2 hours I take her outside. She has to know inside potty is a no…no…while outside is the behavior we want. Once outside, if she does her thing, a lot of positive affirmation is given. Today was the first time she did her dump outside. Good. This also was the first time she spent the night in her crate. Life in training a puppy is a lot of work but the reward is so worth it to know she is getting her shit together because of our training. Thank you Lord.


Excellent scrub and massage by Akeo. Gave her a $50 tip. Had an incident while parking the Mustang. Darn FedEx truck stopped while I was backing up to park. Didn’t realize he stopped. damage to rear left end. Cops showed up. took accident report. what a bummer…but…the spa treatment made up for such an inconvenience. I’m scrubbed so clean for 2022 to be a fresh start full of life and vigor. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.