2Tour de Cure Smithfield, VA 63 miles
Weight 240.3

Got up at 4AM. Left house by 530AM. Ran into GPS problem. Didn’t know which GPS to use. Wound up re-entering the Portsmouth Tunnel…but…the Berkely Bridge was going up. 10 minute delay. By the time I got to the sight it was 7AM. Only time to check in….pick up packet and get dressed. Was able to get to the start…take pics…and listened to the National Anthem. Conditions were a bit breezy and chilly. The rest stops were awesome. Nice snacks. Even had a Subway sandwich at last stop. Last 10 miles was very challenging. I really wanted to quit. Kept wondering why am I out here…not having fun…having a hard time riding. I wound up just focusing on Mike Rogers and his buddy…Dinah…who was an awesome pacer given she had to weigh 250 pounds on a 5’5″ frame. She was badass!!! By the time I got to the finish line I was spent…totally tired. Slept real good. Woke up with no pain…or soreness anywhere. That’s when I realized I am at a great level of fitness. All the additional virtual riding paid off. I am totally grateful Lord for the blessing to be an endurance athlete. Thank you Lord.

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