Picking up Trixy

Decided to change Talluah name to Moxy…now Trixy.  Final name. Folks at 4 Paws based out of Williamsburg were a pleasure to work with.

On Tuesday….Jan 11…I spotted Talluah online. I submitted the application….and…wrote the follow up email:

Hello…I just completed and emailed the adoption application for Tallulah (D1717). I am adding this email to explain our sense of urgency for adoption. Our 12 year old, rescue Jack Russell passed 2 weeks ago. We desperately need another young JRT to help rid the grief and pain of our loss. Please consider our application. In addition, please expedite the process so we can bring Tallualh home by Friday. As a reference, contact Stacy at Bostic Veterinary Hospital…(757) 497-8492… on how well our Foxy was cared for close to 12 years.

Thank you in advance for your understanding…
Tallulah (D1717)
I really liked what I saw. Wanted to make sure i did everything possible to find a new companion.
Shannon contacted for a walk through. Got the papers signed…then…Saturday…10:30AM…we picked Trixy out. Kelly…757  544-8565   Shannon 804 382-7881
We couldn’t believe how cooperative Trixy is….i.e…we could actually pick her up without getting bit. On the drive home, I told Edwina to pet her as she was shaking with anxiety. In a few moments, She calmed down.
Once home, I took her on her first workout.

She did very well. Was actually worried that she could not bark. However, when 2 dogs we encountered barked at Trixy she growled right back. Awright!!! Later that evening, she slept with us. so far…I’m impressed. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

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