24hour fitness Mililani. 30min endurance

Having problems getting my membership check in corrected. Youngblood Geo resigned me up yesterday. New QR check in didn’t acknowledge me. Tristan got me through anyway. Went to spin bike room. Hard time clipping in with my left. Young lady there helped me. She went on to do a heavy workout while I did the spin bike. Bike is nice as I was able to stand pedaling. So far ate Loco Moco upon arrival on Monday…yesterday for breakfast. Had family style dinner at Stage Inn restaurant in town. Very disappointed Cy not here. Oh well. Also had RHS sessions and interviewed 2 hygienists…Vermeld and Lumen. Tend to like white girl. Life is good . as I type this waiting for Barbara to come up from town. The plan to go to luau tonight but will change clothes here in Mililani.

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