Our last dinner was at the James Beard award restaurant…Mina’s Fish House…at Four Seasons in Ko’Olina.  Weather was a bit rainy but as we descended into the coast, it was so sunny and beautiful.  Prior to, we both had massages by Lisa.  Drove back up to pick Mom.  Back down for a 6PM dinner reservation.

The night was so nice.  The majestic Four Seasons used to be the GW Marriot.  Coy fish ponds…great valet service…and ritzy atmosphere made the evening special.


coy fish at entrance of Four Seasons at Ko’Olina

It was open air seating…now windows.  The evening breeze was very relaxing as well as the candle lights and white linen table tops.  The service was excellent…and..quite young but very attentive and professional.


The appetizers were the bomb.  Raw oysters, shrimp, lobster, poke and a fresh marlin dip.  Everything was very yummy.  I also had salmon sashimi and lobster bisque.




The appetizers were stacked which made presentation quite exotic and memorable.

Prices were quite $$$.



I had the black cod while Edwina and Mom had the butterfish.  My dish was simply incredible.  Edwina’s was a bit disappointing as it was deep fried and laid over a bed of mashed potatoes.




The chocolate dessert was so smooth and chocolaty it just melted in one’s mouth.


The bill came to $630.  but…the experience was simply priceless.

Happy 2020!!!

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