Improving Every Relationship


I can create positive change in my relationships.


Om Mitraya Namah
I invoke the spirit of friendliness.

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, and most underrated agent of human change.” – Bob Kerrey

If we want to improve our relationships, we must start by being an agent of change ourselves. We can affect positive change by basing our beliefs on a vision that uplifts everyone – by consciously communicating with others, and acting with awareness and understanding. These self-aware messages you send from yourself to others act as powerful forces of positive change in all your relationships.

Giving Yourself Permission to Heal



My intention to heal sustains me through everything.


Om Ram Ramaya
I invoke the archetype of a fully developed person.

“Awareness in itself is healing.” – Frederick Salomon Perls

Knowing that we can heal the old pain in our hearts gives us hope that we can realistically create deep, loving relationships. In our meditation today, we learn that the next step toward healing is to consciously give ourselves permission to heal.

This means opening up and connecting to our inner love and kindness. As we open and expand into our true being, we are accepting and permitting genuine healing to occur. From this core healing, we find it easy and enjoyable to connect with others.

The Healing Power of Awareness

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

Today in meditation, we learn that awareness itself has the power to heal the pain and conflict we have in our relationships. Just as the body has a natural healing response when it is hurt, the mind also has the inherent intelligence and power to heal its emotional trauma and pain through awareness. The key is to not interfere with that healing response by getting in our own way through self-criticism, resentment, and blame. Meditation expands awareness and activates the healing response from our deepest self.


I call upon the healing power of awareness.


Om Hreem Namah
Pure, transparent awareness is my essential nature.

Coming Out of the Disconnect

“Everything exposed to the light becomes visible, and everything that is illuminated itself becomes light itself.” – St. Paul

Even though we all seek meaningful connections, we also often avoid closeness and intimacy because it can be scary to our ego self, making it feel vulnerable and threatened. When that happens, we turn off and disconnect emotionally. We retreat into our false, separate self as a defense mechanism.

In today’s meditation, we learn that our real self never fears or feels threatened by heartfelt connections. It only knows how to connect and how to love. As our true nature blossoms, our ego fears and defenses dissolve in the light of our love.


I only feel a need to connect.


Aham Brahmasmi
I am the wholeness of universal existence.

Making Heart-to-Heart Connections

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

In today’s meditation, we learn that to make real heart-to-heart connections with others, we must bring our inner light of love out into the world. For this we use our conscious intention and willingness for our awareness to be open, accepting, and loving to all. That fearless expansion of the light in your heart will naturally find and connect with other hearts.


I make true connections when my heart touches another heart.


Aroot Perum Jothi
I invoke the divine light of grace.

Living at the Center of the World

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. With our thoughts we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha

To claim to live at the center of the world is clearly a delusional statement from the standpoint of the separate self, but from the perspective of your essential being, pure awareness, it is only stating a truth latent in every awakening soul.

Today’s meditation is about this core truth of our consciousness – that our awareness moving as our thoughts, desires, feelings, and senses generates an experiential reality or world around us. We are the authors of this world.


Personal reality is mine to create and cherish.


Aham Brahmasmi
I am the wholeness of universal existence.

Love Is the Eternal Connection

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

As consciousness continues to grow and our hearts make more and more connections to other hearts, we find that we are indeed radiating peace from the inside out. Looking more closely, we discover that these waves of peace are also waves of unconditional love, and that pure love is the spiritual heartbeat that connects us all.

Today’s meditation tells us that this love is the driving force of all life. To awaken to this truth within us is our purpose and our promise.


The connections I create are loving ones.


Aham Prema
I am love.

Peace Is the Deepest Connection

“Real peace is not in power, money, or weapons, but in deep inner peace.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

If history has shown us anything, it is that we cannot attain peace by fighting for it. But struggle and opposition is all the separate self knows how to do, even in the name of peace. To find peace, we need to go beyond our restless mind to our silent source. In the stillness of our hearts, our awareness not only finds peace, but we also recognize that we are peace itself.

Today’s meditation is about knowing our true nature as peace and becoming a unit of peace consciousness for the world.


I am here to be in peace consciousness.


Om Shanti Om
I radiate peace.

Repairing the Big Disconnects

 “Love is the strongest medicine. It is more powerful than electricity.” – Neem Karoli Baba

Sometimes, in spite of our vision of unity, we need to acknowledge places where there are long-standing and deeply entrenched divisions. These big disconnects need to be addressed directly to find common ground and resolve conflict.

Today’s meditation gives us three keys to resolving conflict: real listening, respect for the other side’s perspective, and finding common interest.


My path leads me to be connected with everyone.


Om Mitraya
I invoke the spirit of friendliness.

Satsang: Finding Joyful Communion

Satsangs are what the world needs. Heart to heart – that’s what Satsang is.” – Ram Dass

When you connect with others who also hold a vision of world peace, compassion, and human dignity, you are magnifying the power of your positive influence in the world many times over. This is the power of spiritual community, or Satsang.

Today’s meditation encourages us to seek out and share ourselves in spiritual communities that will amplify our influence in the environment, helping to make the world a more peaceful and loving place.


I am uplifted by communion with others.


Saha Nav Avatu
Let us be together in harmony.

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