Prayers to Self extended to You

“I pray
You do not try to make yourself small
Believe me when I say you cannot be small
Because you are a divine, miraculous creation

Do not hide your abilities and talents
Do not shrink your brilliance
Do not dim your light
Let us see you in all your magic
And embrace you with love

Be every bit of who you are
and inspire us to rise with you
Invite us into the glory
Of being the greatness
That we all are meant to be

Expanding, elevating, evolving
Right beside you
We need you to let yourself be seen
Let yourself be loved
Let yourself be lifted
So we can know we need to be loved and lifted
In all our greatness too.”

Today I pray that we all see the power within ourselves that grows and grows and grows and that is ever expansive. I pray we recognize this about our being, as we learn more about who we are today, as we take on new parts of ourselves that we never have, as we are challenged to rise up in the greatness of who we are and as we give to ourselves moments where we celebrate the impact we have made in being our greatest selves.

I know how difficult it can be in a world where we adopt the beliefs that we are “not good enough” and we are “not worthy” to shift and lets you be the miracle that is you and lets you Love who you are in a way that encourages us to be Great. This prayer is to say that this world NEEDS us all to be brilliant-needs us to be Light. So be YOU. Be the Greatest YOU, and grow greater and greater every day. And invite others in your life to do just the same.

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