wanted to ride in Suffolk.  the group had a 60 miler planned.  i talked Pedro into riding with me.  told him will only do 30 miles at C pace.  started off very chilly and windy.  since the group was doing B pace, we told them to ride ahead.  after a few miles, Pedro couldn’t hang.  he had shortness of breath from the cold and being out of shape.  He wanted me to go ahead.  I elected to ride back with him.  He felt bad but i told him we just started off too fast.  He then wanted to ride at Dismal Swamp.  I agreed.  Rode right into the headwind going south.  out and back is 16 miles.  decided to work on cadence.  it was nice going back in the big gear.  during a 2 mile stretch i was averaging 20mph.  all in all it was a nice day for a ride.

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