1. Everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. Learn to appreciate every single day of your life. Live in the here and now. No regrets.

2. Today’s sacrifices will payoff tomorrow. Use your time wisely and to the fullest. It’s not the objectives, it’s the journey that counts.

3. Life is unfair, accept it. Nothing is owed to you. Don’t waste your time complaining. Be persist and determined.

4. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. We only hurt ourselves. Abraham Lincoln said, “you can tell the greatness of a person by what makes them angry.” Don’t over-react.

5. Face your fears, be yourself, and follow your dream. Be ready to fail. You only live once, don’t worry about the opinions of others. The opinions of 90% of people is irrelevant. Grow with the help of the remaining 10%. Live your life. Face your fears, don’t let them consume you.


Doreen Ketchens

this is what mastery of excellence sounds like