Excellent scrub and massage by Akeo. Gave her a $50 tip. Had an incident while parking the Mustang. Darn FedEx truck stopped while I was backing up to park. Didn’t realize he stopped. damage to rear left end. Cops showed up. took accident report. what a bummer…but…the spa treatment made up for such an inconvenience. I’m scrubbed so clean for 2022 to be a fresh start full of life and vigor. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.


Wanted to create a Peleton Loop where I could utilize 2 of my favorite Peleton workouts featuring Olivia. Here’s the 2 20 minute workouts:

first workout
2nd workout
Very satisfied with this course. I thank Foxy for getting me to this level of training. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

Foxy !

I would like to insert two loops done here in the 808 dedicated to Foxy. Both loops highlight the highest and lowest points in Mililani. I would not be able to do both loops without the training with foxy this past year…the CoVID year. Foxy Loop #1 was done first thing after I received word of Foxy’s passing. A light drizzle pervaded during the entire loop. Reminded me of when we were both caught in a rainstorm on Great Neck. Very fond and wet, sweet memory. Foxy Loop #2 was done under ideal conditions. It was a beautiful sunny morning. Had the fastest pace 2.1mph and the longest and hilliest conditions since my running marathon days.


Spectacular sun-kissing morning. I became inspired to do a workout that would not be possible without the training regimen over the past COVID year. Foxy was and will always be my training partner in mind, spirit and body. Thank you Dear Foxy!!!

Working hard. most hills encountered ever. Thank you foxy for getting me ready to meet this challenge. Miss you!! Thank you Lord.

featuring the highest and lowest points in Mililani