I am adopting this 5 month old, JRT rescue. Losing Foxy has caused grief and pain. Adopting another JRT rescue will help me overcome this loss.


About Tallulah (D1717)

Meet Tallulah! She came to us a week ago through Unchain America. Tallulah is a 14 week old Jack Russell mix, she currently weighs 11lbs. This girl is high energy, she will need a family that has plenty of time to exercise with her and work on training. Tallulah loves other dogs and does well with kids who understand puppies jump and sometimes play rough. Her disposition is very sweet, very loving, and very smart! If you a looking for an adventure-seeking puppy to hike, run and hang out with check out Tallulah!

If you are interested in adoption; DO NOT CALL, please complete an online application on 4 Paws Animal Rescue’s website at www.4pawz.org. We verify the care of past/current pets. Our goal is to have the very best home for all our dogs and cats, and therefore, we reserve the right to approve or deny an application based on what we determine is in the pet’s best interest.

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Adoption Fee: $300

Not what you were looking for? You can adopt a different pet in Hayes by using our search feature and adjusting the radius. Thank you for helping our animal shelters and rescue groups with pet adoption!


This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in 4 Paws Animal Rescue, Inc


Great access to free videos at the end of the article. Love “free”…but…nothing is free. Gotta put in the work.


How to Stop Getting Dropped

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Getting dropped from cycling group rides is a probability all riders face. Sometimes it’s caused by inadequate fitness, but even fit riders get dropped when they have poor skills and habits. So, for the beginners and those we are welcoming back to group rides, here’s a guide to stop getting dropped.

Improve Fitness

No duh, right? Nonetheless, it has to be said. Fitness fixes most ills, or at least allows you to overcome a lot of mistakes. The ideal combination is great fitness and superior group riding skills, but if you’re fit you can at least stay in the group long enough to work on the skills.

Fitness is drawing riders back out onto the road (paved and gravel). It’s an unintended consequence of making indoor cycling more appealing. Cyclists who stopped going to the group ride or participating in events are riding more. As they get fit, they gain confidence and return to cycling group rides because they have the fitness to have fun. As membership numbers increase for virtual cycling platforms, indoor and outdoor cycling compliment each other more than ever.

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Unfortunately, elevated fitness and rusty skills result in getting dropped. So, in addition to building fitness, remember the following strategies and skills.

Don’t Start Like a Bat Out Of Hell

In the real world it’s not wise to go full gas right from the first pedal stroke. In a race you may need to start hard, but that should be after a long warmup. When you pull out of the parking lot for the Sunday group ride, keep your ego in check. Don’t let adrenaline or too much coffee lead you to burn all your matches in the first 30 minutes. Be patient. There will be much better places to expend that energy.

Stop Trying To Be A Hero

In a weird replay of high school gym class, some cyclists returning to the group ride feel the need to prove themselves to the regulars. They take longer pulls, accelerate around people to close gaps that are already closing, and push the pace on climbs. First of all, you don’t have anything to prove. Anyone who makes you feel that way is saying more about themselves than about you. Nonetheless, the best way to make a positive contribution to the group is to still be there in the final miles. That’s when your ability to share the workload will be greatly appreciated.

Stay out of the wind

I don’t think people who regularly ride cycling group rides fully appreciate how much we take drafting skills for granted. It takes practice to get comfortable with sitting inches off someone’s back wheel, but it’s worth it.

If you’re out of practice, make a concerted effort to notice the wind direction and your position in the group. If you’re a beginner, find an experienced rider who is steady and predictable and stay on their wheel. For all riders, remember to get back into a draft quickly after taking a pull. Stop hanging yourself out in the wind!

To learn more about drafting and group ride etiquette, read Group Ride Etiquette and Skills Every Cyclist Needs to Know and Top 3 Advanced Cycling Skills for Group Rides and Races.

Learn to fuel on the go

You can’t wait to eat until the group stops for a rest, a coffee shop, or even a stop light. Many cyclists are uncomfortable retrieving, unwrapping, and consuming food from their pockets while moving, but it’s an important skill.

To make fueling while cycling easier, pre-open the wrappers on bars and chews a little bit. Gels can be a simple solution because they’re easy to open with your teeth and eat one-handed. If you don’t feel confident eating in the middle of the group, wait until you’re at the back – just don’t get dropped!

Don’t Waste Efforts

One final effort might cause you to get dropped, but hundreds of small behaviors set you up for that moment. Riders who are comfortable and confident in the pack stay off the brakes, maintain their momentum through corners, and avoid having to accelerate to close a gap by not letting it open in the first place. Drifting off the back on descents means you have to surge at the bottom to get back on a wheel. These small efforts add up until that one hard acceleration pops you off the back for good.

Group riding skills come back like, well… riding a bike. I think it’s helpful for riders returning to the pack to go in understanding the consequences of being aerobically fit and technically rusty. It’s also important for experienced group riders to welcome these riders back, which means exhibiting patience and humor instead of getting crabby.

By Chris Carmichael,
Founder and Head Coach of CTS
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TREMEDOUS tips to serve as a foundation for life.

Foxy !

I would like to insert two loops done here in the 808 dedicated to Foxy. Both loops highlight the highest and lowest points in Mililani. I would not be able to do both loops without the training with foxy this past year…the CoVID year. Foxy Loop #1 was done first thing after I received word of Foxy’s passing. A light drizzle pervaded during the entire loop. Reminded me of when we were both caught in a rainstorm on Great Neck. Very fond and wet, sweet memory. Foxy Loop #2 was done under ideal conditions. It was a beautiful sunny morning. Had the fastest pace 2.1mph and the longest and hilliest conditions since my running marathon days.


Very saddened by Foxy’s demise. I wanted to give her a special tribute for how much she’s meant to me. This Loop is by far the best in Mililani as it features its highest and lowest points. I miss you Foxy.

This date happens to be the anniversary of Mom’s passing back in 2006. hey Mom…you will have a great time with Foxy. Foxy I hope you are friendly to Cha Cha.

Foxy is a great companion and training partner. I miss her dearly. She will always be in my heart.


Best autumn tree

Happy Thanksgiving 11252021

Woke up with temps in the 30s. Wore winter gear for the first time…socks included. Wasn’t sure how far to run considering Foxy’s blind condition. Decided to workout as usual. Foxy did not disappoint. she is a real warrior. Had one of our best times of the year. Lifted weights at Inlet afterwards. Had virtual workout prior. Waiting to ride with ZER at 11AM. A very memorable Thanksgiving so far. Missing Edwina. Thinking of all the past Thanksgivings with Mom and Dad…and family. Very thankful. Life is great!!! Thank you Lord