Who you are is the foundation of who you become.

Being:  waking up to the Truth of who you REALLY are by realizing your oneness or connection with source.

Becoming:  creating a better version of yourself and manifesting your wildest dreams

Being is the foundation of becoming.  However, the focus is on the becoming instead of being.  Yoga helps makes the connection of becoming with being.

What keeps us from experiencing our Truth and consequently manifesting our dreams?

It is Identity: who we believe we are and how we feel about ourselves.

We are multi-dimensional:  mind…body…spirit (mind…emotion)

Homework #1

What aspect of your life are you most frustrated or unhappy with?

My biggest frustration is after successfully accomplishing lofty goals, I always question if my effort was my best although I know it was enough because I accomplished the goal. I am happy I accomplished my goal but I find myself questioning if I gave my best. For example, my goal is to complete a marathon. I complete the marathon but I question if I did my best. Knowing I accomplished my goal I always become frustrated wondering if I could’ve run it faster. I’m happy I completed the marathon but it is frustrating that I always question if I could’ve run it faster. Is doing your best enough? If your best is not enough, what is enough? This is my frustration. Thanks for reading. 

Homework #2

What does your ideal/dream life look like? (Be as specific as possible)

My ideal life is a perpetual quest in defining…and.redefining…who I am and what I can be.
To accomplish this, I would:
  • continue mentoring youth in respecting and preserving family, culture and community
  • create more intergenerational projects connecting elderly and youth
  • maintaining health to finish RNR 1/2 marathon and one day STP
  • being consistent in at least 4 HHY classes per week
  • improve and incorporate more meditation classes
My main focus would be on the process and not the outcome. Progress instead of perfection.
Homework #3

What’s holding you back from attaining your dream life? What needs to change in order to make it a reality?

If this question was asked a few years back, I would’ve answered “time”, i.e. I don’t have enough “time”. With yoga, I’ve learned to “live in the moment”. One of my teachers…Beryl Bender Birch… told me, “…if you do not live in this moment, then..where are you?” That quote changed my whole way of thinking.  Once you are aware of the relationship between “Moment” and “Life”, you will begin to understand when mastering one’s Moment,  you will master one’s Life.  Mastering one’s moment is a choice.  You have the power to choose. When you’ve mastered “Life” by mastering one’s “Moment”,  nothing can possibly hold you back in attaining your dream life.  If you do not know where you are this moment, then where are you? Namaste.