On Monday, a gout attack left me limping so bad I had to leave ODU clinic early…and…got in trouble.  Things have not been right since coming back from Hawaii.  I gained 10 pounds…now…248…with a diet way beyond Ornish.  Last Monday, was treated by my chiropracter…Arturo Gonzales…for a stiff neck.  I did fell better…but…made an emergency appointment to Angie that Wednesday.  She took me in at 5PM.  She told me my hip was way out of alignment..a condition she has never seen.  She immediately prodded me with this massage vibrator that kicked my ass.  I tried to breathe real slowly  The pain was excruciating.  I was practically sweating.  Afterward, I did feel much better.  My right foot was still a bit sore but was able to walk fine with long walks on Saturday and Sunday.  On Monday, I made albacore spread for the first time.  Very tasty…but…after lunch I could barely walk.  Not good.  As a got home, I immediately downed 800mg Ibuprofen and Prednisone.  Felt better..but needed another session.  Yesterday, was a bit better..but..still extremely painful.  Angie really worked my right foot to the point I was still limping afterward.  I started to get scared with the thought of a stress fracture.  With more Ibuprofen and Prednisone I got up in the morning for a walk.  As time went one, I really , really started to loosen up for the first time in weeks.  I’m writing this entry to give props to Angie.

All this pain is due to:

1.  Weight gain

2.  fatty and sugar loaded diet

3.  not enough movement


1.  lose weight to the 220s

2.  cut way down on meat and/or fish.  Ornish,…Ornish…Ornish

3.  eliminate chocolate and butter

4.  more water

Thank you Lord…Thank you Angie.


May 18, 2020   Monday

Saw Angie today. bone beneath right knee to the right lateral is jutting out.  very sore to touch.  had to take Ibuprofen 800mg and prednisone.  Been like this for 3 days.  probably caused by overstriding when doing powerwalk with Omato.  good to have a massage after 2 months.  $150 charge but well worth it.