STP 2019


July 2, 2022


Didn’t sleep too well. Woke up at 2AM. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Probably excited due to dedicate this month to become the best version of myself. Concentrate on diet…fasting 7PM no food…workouts. Currently weight at 241.5. Goal weight is 225. No carbs.

Ate egg white sandwich….fruit with whipped cream….salmon and broccoli



A bit chilly and breezy. Trixie handling the conditions with much energy. Thank you Lord for these opportunities. Grateful.

MARCH 11, 2022


Relive ‘Rode 24.73 with the Herd’


Fall has definitely arrived. Body is undergoing a transformation to even better health. Weight at 228 since 3 weeks ago. Intermittent fasting working!!! I believe I just became much more motivated in getting healthy after seeing our little 50 year reunion with Joe, Keith, Carl, Vallot, Gunars and Ralph at Ivars Salmon House when in Seattle on August 2, 2021. My cycling is getting much better. Will be getting the Wahoo Trainer installed later this morning by Walt. Looking forward to a season of indoor training. Today, did 30 miles. The wind was a bear coming home. Fought through it. Was surprised by my effort. Live is great!!!

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

 6/13/2021    HMR AND NEW SHOES

spectacular workout conditions.  temps in low 70s.  weight at 245. began HMR meals this week.  will use them monday through friday lunch and dinner. using new Shimano shoes.  actually, 2nd ride using them.  adjusted both left and right.  seems to be okay for now.  

Julie started to come back to mornings.  Ritchelle did good filling in.  But…nobody can replace Julie.  She will be back to full-time starting tomorrow.  I really miss her.  the practice is doing good…but…Julie makes it pleasant for everyone.

Life is great!!!  Thank you Lord!!

CAP TO CAP 2021   May 7 – 9, 2021

First trip out of town since Jan/2020…Hawaii.  The drive up to Williamsburg took an hour.  The condo is in great shape.  Key is in outdoor closet…lower left.  Had to turn on water.  Plug in internet upstair…the white cord.  Had implant placed on Thursday.  Drove up Friday.  Ate lunch at Peking Restaurant….a Chinese buffet…good to see Janie and Greg.  Bought all kinds of junk food….ice cream…Coke…Powerade…even ate hamburger and eggs for breakfast.  Dinner…bought #50 family pack at Pierce’s BBQ.  Way too much food…but hey…making up for lost meals due to covid.

Day 1

It was really cold at night…temps in the 40s.  Wanted to wait a while for temps to warm up.  The wind was really blowing.  Decided to head west…into the wind first…and tailwind coming back.  Didn’t want to ride too hard due to dental surgery.  In general, felt really good after warming up…one hour into the ride.  Did 30+miles.

 After ride, got a hot fudge sundae at Bruster’s.  Simply pigged out.

Ate dinner at Giuseppies…on Old Town Road.  We split a Italian sausage and penne pasta olio/garlic.  It was amazing…with a glass of Pinot Noir.  Thank you Lord.



Day 2 was simply amazing.  Very slight wind.  Went the opposite direction toward the Jamestown Museum.  Explored a couple of neighborhoods.  Gotta check out the Powhatan Trail next time.  This route was definitly more scenic. I prefer this route versus yesterday’s which now seems like riding in a tunnel…simply no scenic views.  I thoughourly enjoyed the entire weekend…although Julie called about Ricky getting a brain surgery to relieve a blood clot that happened when he fell of his bike a month a good.  Praying for a healthy and speedy recovery.

Thank you Lord for all you have done for me.  Grateful.



June 21, 2020  Father’s Day and Summer Solstice
Walked Foxy in the morning.  She did great.

Rode the Shore Drive Loop

Absolutely beautiful 70 degree morning.  No wind…slight breezes..Perfect.  Strongest and fastest ride of the year.  Thank you Lord!!!

June 23

Garmin Fenix 6 pro reset.  talked to Melissa from 845AM -930AM.  will be sending a new cord.  if still having problems, will get a replacement watch.

Rode Alanton neighborhood.  temps in mid 80s.  felt really good.

Lily Ann Villaraza got on my case for meeting notes 6/21.  misspelled her name…SF FANHS…and thought commited to work with FANHS SCV.  got to do a better job.

got retested for positive result for COVID on Saturday at Larkspur.  totally asymptomatic.

on confernece call with Utterback and Sweeny.  they conveyed Cassie’s positive test will remain underwarps.

went on ride at Alanton Neighborhood.


rode Bayville Farms.  felt pain in left knee.  wished JR birthday.


Left knee sore.  barely walk.

10 stages of genocide

February 14, 2021

Left knee feeling the best ever.  Been incorporating pool exercises for the past 3 weeks.  Isometric stretches and building aerobic base slowly seems to be working.  Life is great!!!

April 26, 2021

Trying to switch my entries into WordPress. This ride featured 2 groups passing me. Its a good sight to see since I have not seen any group rides in a year. I’m just now getting into a workout mode. My left knee is much better after incorporating pool workouts at Bayside starting in February.  Life is great. Foxy getting over her diabetes. She’s at 7 units now.


A pivotal weekend. The weather is summer-like…temps in the mid-70s. I changed up my routine. I did not take Phentermine. I rode the 2013. On all rides during base, I will ride easy by feel. After the ride, I put the 2013 on the Wahoo trainer.

After the ride, ate at No Frills. I had the portabella mushroom penne pasta. I felt tired…but a good kind of tired. I slept really good. 9 hours of sleep because of Standard time.

I woke up really anxious as to how I would feel. I felt tired in the beginning but I think it was because my body wasn’t used to riding with the Phentermine effect. I and keeping me safe. focused on cadence to the music. Felt really good at the end. Thank you Lord for my health.